Personalized Care When You're Not There

At Derbyfield Kennel, our friendly and knowledgeable staff pays special attention to your pet's dietary and medicinal needs, in addition to their emotional and physical needs. The owners reside on the premises and there is a nightly bed check with treats for all.  Music is piped through the facility.

Bedding is provided by the kennel.  Feel free to bring your pet's regular food and a few favorite toys.  Our kennel food is Earthborn Holistic Adult Vantage and is provided without charge if you'd like your pet to eat our food.

In addition to their runs, dogs are given several visits each day to the fenced play yards with a Derbyfield staff member.  This provides some one-on-one time and additional exercise.  In addition we can observe your pet and ensure all is going well during their stay.  Dogs that are family members are exercised on the lawn together, if their owners wish.  All other dogs are in their separate living areas, side by side with other compatible dogs.

For your dog

Spacious indoor/outdoor runs featuring a raised resting bed and large individual outdoor exercise area



A view of the indoor outdoor run

The indoor area of the large runs

small runs again

Runs for the small dogs

small box again

Indoor area for the small dogs

Play yard


Small dog play yard

Large Dog Play Yard


For your cat


A separate boarding area with extra-large shelved kitty condos

Other pets

We will care for your bird or other furry friend in their own cage.


Rates - 

Dogs     $45

Cats $29

Rabbits (own food and cage required) $25

Birds (own food and cage required) $20 

Day boarding  $38

Special case pets $55+ --> this includes those pets who require extensive care


Site Photography courtesy Pete Steinbach